In Your Skin
Awarded Best Design by Interior Design Magazine

Spring 2016

Chicago Coverings Show Tiling Convention

In Your Skin is a bench design inspired by ergonomic furniture and the idea to educate people about their body and posture. This is a universal design serving all types of people and sites. The design was at first inspired by the form of the spine and after much research developed to be more specific to meet the requirements of the human anatomy. The 90-100 degree angle for the backrest is what is seen to be appropriate for the human body and the angle at the knee allows more room for adjustment. The bench is designed to fit the needs of both men and women’s bodies as each side is measured according to the specific gender. The body influences the shape and structure of this design and in turn the color scheme. The color palette of the tiles is a muted, soft one inspired by skin and earthy tones. The color and the arrangement of the tiles are to complement the angles of the design creating a bench that is inviting for the user.